The musician

 The little mucisian

Once upon a time there was a little boy, who really wanted to be a musician. He didn't care for the money, he only wanted to give some pleasure to the people, who will listen to him. So one day he decided to go on the railway station, because it was a place, where he can meet a lot of people.
 So there he was, with his little guitar and a hat for the people who appreciated his music.
 And it wasn't long till the first train arrived and the crowd was comming towards him.
 And there was a young boy, who approached him and was reaching for some change to give to the musician. The young musician was really trilled. He was looking after the boy for a long time.
 And then he looked in the hat unbelievably. And, oh my!!!There were the first money that he made on his own! We was so happy.

He stayed on the railway station for a long time, until it was dark and cold and he was tired from standing and playing.

He sat down for a while and then went home, tired but happy!!!

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