Fun in the rain

Rainy days are also to be appreciated!

I went yesterday to pick up Danny from the preschool and it was raining as it has been the whole day. He ran to jump in the first puddle he saw and I was just about to yell at him not to do it when I remembered the words I red earlier in the morning: Please, dear parents, just let your kids be just kids, let them splash water, let them jums in the puddles, let them make cakes from the mud .... so I stopped myself from saying a word and just let him jump. He was beyond himself from happyness, so I forced myself not to think about the dirt and just let them play - of course Tommy boy also joined the game of jumping. So they jumped and jumped and splashed water until they were soaking wet. Them we went home and took a nice long bath and had some lovely dinner :)

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